Thursday, June 12, 2014


Just a quick food idea post for my gluten-free friends.  I love to take an interesting spin on a classic fave. Today, I had an almond butter and jam sandwich on gluten free bread.  The almond butter I used was maple flavored. The jam was a 100% blueberry fruit spread.  Don't go too overboard with the nut butter. A small 2 tbsps is 180 calories. Luckly, the jam is 30 calories a serving. I do a very thin spread of butter and it's flavorful enough to compensate. This combination tasted like breakfast. It was almost like eating pancakes!

 I love nut butters because they're packed with protein and easier for my tummy to digest (as opposed to raw nuts).  
If you have any good ideas, please send them my way! 

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