Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flourless Banana Egg Pancakes

Someone posted a recipe for flourless pancakes on my Facebook page. My husband decided to try them out for me. Here we go:

This was the original post/picture: 

We had really small bananas, so our ratio was 3 bananas and 4 eggs.  My husband used a dash of cinnamon as well, and a 1 tsp of vanilla extract.   This was the result:
My review: DELICIOUS!  The texture was a bit softer than a normal pancake, but the taste was better, in my opinion. It was almost like an egg/banana scramble. 

  • Use a blender if you want a really smooth pancake. Ours was chunky, but that was fine with me. 
  • The vanilla extract added just enough sweet flavoring that we didn't need maple syrup. I used a tiny bit to dip in, but it really wasn't necessary. 
  • We used a large pan. Next time I would use a small one that's the size and shape of the pancake I want it to be. the larger pan made the pancake lose it's shape, which really isn't a problem. But if you want that round pancake, that's my recommendation. 
Happy breakfasting! 

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